1. Hey Denny!! I’m from the Millersville/Conestoga/Pequea Area. Spelunked in Wind Cave and a couple of others when I was younger. Now I’m doing research on my farmland in Lancaster County. Found a cave called Horst Cave as a listing on a website but no location…. Do you know of this cave? Do you know of any websites I could search on regarding the location? Thanks! Great blog!! Heather

    • I recall the name, but nothing else. I must not have really looked into that one. I have some old books, PA Geological Survey books, from the 30’s and up through the 50’s and 70’s. They are in a box somewhere (haven’t gotten bookshelves since I moved last year). I will look this up sometime this week yet, and maybe makes some scans for you of the page/pages. Maybe I’ll even do some map searches, those can be fun. The listings in those old books are vague. “Take [some road that’s still on the maps] to the third dirt lane, right onto Elmer’s pig farm road, etc”. But that makes it fun to work out as well, more of an ‘adventure’. I will say this, don’t get your hopes up too much. Most of the caves, unless they aren’t significant, are gated off by the land owners and the local Grotto usually has control of access (York Grotto in our case in this area).

      I am currently working on a possible scuba dive in a pond up by the Appalachian Trail, where there use to be a fort during the French and Indian War, hoping to find some history, but will probably only find bottles from all the years people have been partying up there. There is a lot of wildlife in that pond though, so I’ll get something decent out of it. Going this evening with a wet suit, fins, mask, flashlight, and camera to free dive it and see what the depth is, etc. But after tonight, sometime this week, I will look that up for you and send to you in email or just post here.

      Thanks for the kind words as well. Have fun and be safe (says the guy who routinely does stupid things) 🙂


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