****** Cave in Pennsylvania

Oh, it’s that time of year I suppose. My brain is completely absorbed with caving. To be more precise, the locating of caves.

I am starting to believe it is the research portion that gives me the greatest satisfaction. The knowing that something is out there, having the most general of ideas of where it is located, then taking those details and starting the search.

Little bit by little bit a picture starts to form. New information makes itself available, leading to new searches. Exhilerating. Making the first phone calls and contacts, the awkwardness of it, random call from a random person asking about something so random. Wondering if they put it together…put together the fact that you have been staring at maps of their property for hours, even days sometimes. That you could step onto their property and walk to any tree line or rock outcropping from memory. That you can visually see their property in your head any time you like. That you google their name and now know details about their life, all in the search for something that they may see as trivial. Bizzare, awkward.

So this is where I am at. I have a new interest, a new cave. This one, and I am not giving the name out yet, sits 25 feet down a vertical drop, that is the entrance. The cave itself is quite small, just one large room as far as I can tell from the map that I have of this system from the late 60’s. The interesting thing is the water. There is a pond within this cave. There is a pond AND there is some underwater cave portions! And there in lies the extreme. There in lies the draw….for me at least. I am not cave certified (as a diver), but have a friend that is, so I contact him. He is quite interested, and gives me some background on his experiance with cave diving and sumps in Pennsylvania. I also contact a local Grotto to ask for some updated info. An article in particular, written many years ago, by the two guys, and only two that I know of, who have put tanks in the water in this cave. They say they will help find the old article in the archives, and that there may be a newer article and updated map from the 90’s. I am told that as much as several hundred feet of cave may have been added to this system, and I am hoping that is underwater cave feet. I can’t go into it, at least not yet. Without training, this would be a death sentance. I don’t have a death wish, so I will wait for now. I can, however, get into the pond that is in this cave. Since there are no overhead obstructions, I can get into this portion, and I will.

The pond looks to be 75 feet by 30 feet and up to 10 feet deep. That’s fantastic. There is also some life in this pond that may only be found in this particular cave. I need to do more research on that though. I do know that it was at least discussed at one time, whether or not to add a species to the endangered species list that it appears may only be found in this cave. My desire to get into this pond, is to photograph, and to assist my colleague if he goes into this cave.

So that is where I am at right now. I am trying to do a better job of keeping up with this blog, like a journal of sorts. I need to try to write at least every few days.



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  1. where is this cave??? sounds awesome

    • I’m still not entirely sure yet. I dropped the ball this year with getting out and doing these things. I do know it’s gated, and that get’s to be a hassle, but I think my cave diver friend can get that under control. I don’t see this happening this year yet. So many things have gone by the way side and now it’s time to play catch up. I and my friend Shane are looking to do the dive at the dam up along the appalachian trail possibly next weekend. I would like to potentially get some dives in on the Pequea creek and the Conodoguinet creek before it gets too cold.

      I’ll throw you a bone though, just found this one last weekend by accident. It’s no secret that it’s there, but I didn’t know about it. While kayaking the Conodoguinet, we came down near a dam by the take out at Cave Hill Drive, and there was a large cave. I got out of my kayak to have a look, but was only wearing flip flops, and no light sources and it’s pretty muddy, so no go. The water is fairly clear the whole trip down the creek from our put in, and it gets to be around 16 feet or so deep down that way, so hence the reason I want to dive it. Anyway though, there is a nature preserve there, and a trail that you should be able to easily find leading down to the water, and the cave is along the trail. I don’t know how far it goes, I really couldn’t find anything about it at all online, so you could check that out if you like. I will eventually, whenever I get back that way.


      Thanks for reading!


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