The Canoe

Canoe that I found in a small log jam up against a railroad bridge piling on the Conowago Creek near York Haven, PA.Canoe that I found in a small log jam up against a railroad bridge piling on the Conowago Creek near York Haven, PA.

I was out on the Susquehanna Wednesday night (August 31, 2011), which from this point on shall be known only as ‘the river’, below the York Haven Dam. Water levels are pretty high. The boulders (see header image….yea, I took that) are submerged and there are some really strange currents, so I got a bit concerned and headed back down below the hydro plant to where I put in. There is a creek that empties into the river at this location. I followed this creek on Google Maps and found that it comes from the Pinchot State Park area, around 12 miles or more away. The map doesn’t list a name for the creek, could be Beaver creek, but I am not positive. Beaver Creek does empty into this creek, but I don’t know if the main branch has a name and Beaver officially ends where it empties into it.

Anyway, I decided to paddle up this creek, as I never had before since the river is more appealing. I got up as far as the first railroad bridge, and after crossing beneath that bridge, found a canoe lodged in a small log jam on the upstream side. It looks to be in really good shape, but the bottom two thirds is under water so I am not positive.

I sent a picture of it to several friends asking if they want to come and help me dig it out this coming Saturday. It looks like I have definite’s from Mitch, Tom, Brian, and possibly even Maura. Sweet! Mitch is looking to buy a kayak and has a line on an unbelievable deal, and Brian is also looking for a kayak or canoe, so if we can get this out, we’ll have Brian covered, and Mitch will probably have the kayak he’s looking at. If the canoe is not a one person, and it could be…it looks like it may be pretty small, but if it isn’t we would even have room for another person, Maura….or whoever. That would be nice. Right now it’s just Tom and I who paddle.

Yea ….I know, none of you know who these people are, but remember, this ‘blog’ is for me for a journal, you’re just along for the ride….if you wish to be. 🙂


Update: September 3, 20011

All of us got hammered last night, some of us went to sleep early (3am for me) and some didn’t (way after 4 for some). Only Tom and I managed to get up and get out looking for the canoe, and even then we didn’t get out until around 3pm or so (disclaimer…..that was Tom’s fault, I was up and at-em by 8am 🙂 ).

It was a good thing no one else went though….the canoe was gone, and a lot of the log jam was missing too. Tom believes the owners came looking….good possibility. I believe that, or that the railroad bridge could have shaken it loose. I had wondered why there are no significant log jams up against this bridge other than that small one that contained the canoe. And after Tom and I paddled up creek for a while and came back down, a train came rolling across while we were still a good 100 or more yards out. You could feel the vibrations from the train passing in the water quite well. We were both a bit surprised, so it’s possible, but I am leaning toward someone…..owner or not….finding and freeing it. Oh well, lessen learned. Pull it out immediately no matter what.

We found out from an old fella that had be drinking and fishing the whole day, that this creek is the Conewago creek. I always wondered where that was. We paddled up the creek until we were sick of fighting the current, there were some pretty good rains that morning, and on the way back down, discovered what looked to be the entire bed of a pickup truck in the creek with only a small portion of the very tail end sticking out. Pretty weird.


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