Monthly Archives: August 2011

First post, what to say?

I decided I would use a blog to post my daily struggles, experiences, discoveries, and triumphs. I really wanted to start keeping some sort of journal of my daily discoveries, this is mostly what I believe will be posted on this blog. Here is why.

I am a thirty-nine year old man at the point of this writing, I am newly single, and have discovered that I lost ‘me’ along the way somewhere. I’m going to find him again.

I spent the last seventeen years of my life slowly transforming into a person that I am not. A person who sits home and does nothing. Who lives his life for another, whether it was ever appreciated or not. Now it’s time to find that lost boy again, and I am finding him slowly and don’t want to miss recording a moment of pulling him from the past. The littlest things that I have experienced in the recent past have fascinated me beyond belief. Things that most will never know or discover. You can see; but not touch, taste, feel, or smell the real world while locked in the mesmerizing wash of the frantically flashing strobes of your television screen. I want all of it, the little things, the big things, all of it. So that is what I am after. That is what I wish to record here, and if you care to, you may read along. That part is up to you.

Do you know…

  • …what a Beaver does in response to being surprised by you creeping up on him in a kayak?
  • …how your legs feel when hundreds of minnows nibble on your leg hair?
  • …what it feels like to be kayaking in a flooded creek that has just risen five feet and is well beyond flood stage?
  • …how your heart pounds when in that same creek a tree falls four seconds after you have passed beneath it, that terrifying crack, the sound of it crashing in the creek and now following you in that torrent?
  • …the privilege of watching a mother Beaver swimming with, and teaching her babies?
  • …what it feels like to be swimming in a river, in a current you cannot fight, several hundred feet from shore, being drawn toward a hydro electric plant and it’s intakes?
  • …the sound a small fawn makes when dancing just twenty feet inside a tree line, as it darts back and forth playing with you?

I do, and so much more. I am sure I have forgotten a lot of the things I have learned, felt, smelled, and been witness to.

I don’t want to forget any more of them.

So this is where we begin.